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Africa House Global Fund, Inc.

       In this age of uncertainty, our neighborhoods worldwide are under attack by the scourge of the drug culture. Our schools are under-funded, and many of our students graduate illiterate, if they graduate at all. Africa House Global LLC through the Africa House Global Fund initiative, and in conjunction with other established charitable organizations proposes to attack head on the problems that plague our communities worldwide by implementing the following programs. 

  1. Job Training & Placement

  2. Drug Rehabilitation & Reintroduction Program.

  3. First Time Offender; Prison Alternative Program. 

  4. Inner City Development; a) Residential/Housing, b) Community Centers.

Africa House Global LLC is a nonprofit organization registered with the Department of the Treasury, and in the State of Georgia. Nonprofit status with the Internal Revenue Service is pending. This is an enormous undertaking as you can well imagine, and we would greatly appreciate your support!

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IT IS TIME TO UNITE AND PROSPER! I propose we harness the energy from our communities worldwide by connecting with and investing in manufacturing facilities already in place; as well as work to establish new ones wherever possible. We cannot wait any longer to address the issues being faced in our communities worldwide. We must work from within to cure what ails our community. Please contact us to see how we can work together for the greater good!

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